Why CTS Gold?

CTS (Contract To Sell) Gold is to make owning a house in Deca Homes very affordable and easy on the budget. With just a Php5,000.00 reservation fee and at least three Php5,000.00 equity installments, one can already move-in to a brand new Deca Home. The Balance of the purchase price is then payable in monthly amortization over 25 years.

See table below to see why choose CTS Gold:

CTS GOLD Pag-IBIG Fund New Guidelines
Fixed Interest rate at 11% With re-pricing depending on the chosen fixed-pricing period:3-Year Fixing/Re-pricing = 7.985%

5-Year Fixing/Re-pricing = 8.985%

10-Year Fixing/Re-pricing = 10.000%

15-Year Fixing/Re-pricing = 10.750%

20-Year Fixing/Re-pricing = 11.125%

25-Year Fixing/Re-pricing = 11.500%

30-Year Fixing/Re-pricing = 12.250%

Rebate will be given to the buyers who pay on or before the due date of their monthly amortization for the 1st 5 years. None.
100% Net Disposable Income of the borrower of family’s combined NDI 35% Borrower’s Gross Monthly Income for loans not exceeding P750,000.00
Affordability computation is based on the submitted POI with one-on-one appearance of the buyer. POI must be properly documented with CIBI and one-one-one appearance of the buyer
Considers Income support from any of the family members. Co-borrower is required if the borrower’s NDI is not sufficient to avail the desired loan amount.
100% Loan-to-Collateral Ratio, thus, lower Equity requirement. Loans up to P1.25M = 90% LCR over P1.25M to P6M = 80% LCRNote: Loan-to-Collateral Ratio may be adjusted depending on the result of the Borrower’s Evaluation System (BEST), therefore, resulting to higher and additional Equity.
MRI for High risk and low risk jobs are computed the same. Higher computation of MRI on the high risk category jobs.
None. Upgrading of contribution is required upon application to Pag-IBIG Fund.