Urban Homes Condominium

Tipolo, Mandaue City This property is currently on show Web Reference: DECA176
  • Property size 25 sqm
  • Property size 0 Garage
  • Property size 0 Bed
  • Property size 1 T&B
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Urban Homes Condominium

Urban Homes Condominium


Get a fully finished studio type condominium unit now and be the first one of your friends, family, or just for yourself to own an affordable condo in Cebu located at Tipolo, Mandaue City.

All units are Studio type with a floor area of 25 square meters with balcony and 1 toilet & bathroom. This is a 4 storey walk up condominium with swimming pool, Basketball Court, Clubhouse, Children’s Playground, Gated & Landscaped Entrance and Guarded with 24/7 Security.

Unit Features
Description Studio Type Unit
Floor Area 25 sq. m
Structure Concrete Precast Panels
Walls Interior Painted, Plain Cement Finish
Exterior Painted, Plain Cement Finish
Floor Tile Finished
Ceiling GF to 3F Painted, Cement Finish
4F Gypsum Ceiling
Stairs Tile Finished with railings
Partition Not provided
Windows Sliding window
Jalousie for CR
Door Main Door Panel Door
CR & Terrace Flush Door
Door Locksets Chrome Plated Lockset
Toilet & Bath Wall Tile Finished (1m height)
Floor Tile Finished
Shower Provided
Toilet Water closet flush type
Lavatory Provided
Kitchen Counter Tiled
Kitchen Sink Provided
Kitchen Counter Cabinet Provided
Electrical Lines Complete on PVC Conduit
Switches & Outlets Provided
Lights Receptacle Only
Waterlines Complete
Water Individual Connection, separate charge
Plumbing Lines Complete
Septic Tank Provided
Roofing Colored roofing for Unit
Skylight roofing for hallway
Roof Framing Steel Purlins
Gutter/Fascia Painted, Bended Metal Fascia
Roof Gutter Provided
Downspout Provided
Fire Exit Provided


Urban Homes Condominium is just 20 steps away from the main highway and 5-minute drive to SM, Ayala and other major shopping malls. It’s almost along the highway in Mandaue and just a short drive to your work place.


Family life is good when you’re at the right place, at the right price. Take the next step. You deserve it. Reserve your unit now!


*Monthly Amortization is just as low as 9,113.18 pesos. Sample computations below:

PARTICULARS 1st Flr. @ 11% 1-5 yrs.w/rebate 2nd Flr. @ 11% 1-5 yrs. w/rebate 3rd Flr. @ 11% 1-5 yrs. w/rebate 4rth Flr. @ 11% 1-5 yrs.w/rebate
Package Price 1,030,000 980,000 955,000 930,000
Equity 7 mos. To pay 59,500 59,500 59,500 59,500
Reservation Fee: 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
Loanable Amount 973,500 923,500 898,500 873,500
M.A CTS-Straight @ 11%
5 yrs. 21,779.98 21,059.04 20,661.94 19,978.03 20,102.92 19,437.53 19,543.90 18,897.02
10 yrs. 14,023.69 13,210.58 13,304.02 12,532.67 12,944.19 12,193.72 12,584.35 11,854.76
15 yrs. 11,678.50 10,779.26 11,079.28 10,226.22 10,779.67 9,949.71 10,480.06 9,673.19
20 yrs. 10,662.08 9,688.02 10,115.07 9,191.04 9,841.56 8,942.55 9,568.06 8,694.06
25 yrs. 10,155.13 9,119.17 9,634.15 8,651.39 9,373.67 8,417.52 9,113.18 8,183.63

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